Come Over to the Dark Side

Purveyors of scents all claim their formula holds primal power over women -- then back it up with nothing but testimonials from "Frank C.", "Bill K.", and other guys whose last names need more letters to be considered credible. For a scent that stands on firmer ground, try new Dark Temptation, by Axe.

Thrillist - AXE Dark TemptationDark Temptation's a new fragrance that carries a subtle note of one of nature's most potent forces: chocolate. That's right: in a 13-country study of 3571 women, 82% found chocolate hard to resist, 60% rated it their #1 aphrodisiac, nearly 30% found it more irresistable than sex, and 20% said they'd lick theirs so no one else would ask for a bite (depending on your views on monogamy, this might not be a good thing). With Dark Temptation, this saucy science can be lightly spritzed (with a deodorant body spray) or lathered all over (with shower gel) -- though as this Chocolate Man video demonstrates, becoming 100% chocolaty could cause women to bite your ass, garnish their ice cream with your nose, and possibly rip your dark, delicious arm out of its socket as they drive by in a convertible.

Beyond revving up female motors, Dark Temptation's also offering mad prizes with their Win The Sweet Life sweepstakes. Enter, and you could snag a Palms Vegas weekend, a GQ-inspired shopping spree, a MacBook or iPod, even courtside basketball tix & $25K -- cash that should give you primal power over somebody, even if your surname's got a period in it.

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