Culinary Speakeasy

Things always have more cachet when they're underground, like music, or railroads, or places where puppets can co-exist with smaller puppets while eating their elaborate constructions manufactured from radishes. Giving your taste buds an underground ride, Culinary Speakeasy

Just coming out of friends-and-family, and from former Top Chef contestant Valerie Bolon and her Chi personal chef partner Rachel Winpar, CE's an (approximately) monthly underground supper club that's thrown a few fancy six-course meals in a posh private residence in a Mag Mile high rise with floor-to-ceiling windows and a 360 degree view of downtown, (it'll have to work until they can figure out the 720 with an indy nosebone). The next instance's menu covers deliciousness like pan roasted halibut (crab/beet/marinated plum salad, truffle vinaigrette), sunchoke/pear ravioli with crispy pancetta, and a sticky orange pistachio cake with basil sorbet, candied kumquats, and sour cherry sauce, which no one thinks is the pits. Future menus are TBA but previous hotness has included seared squab with kale salsify and pomegranate reduction, braised short ribs (onion confit, cannellini bean ragout, crispy onion rings), and caramelized cauliflower soup with toasted macadamia nut oil, for flavor and to lubricate your viscosity takedown.

To give guests a little something extra they've been starting dinners off with a tasting from a guest wine purveyor complete with some bonus hors d'oeuvres that come as a surprise, though not as much of a surprise as some freaky greenish-blue puppet named Boober eating your house for a snack

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