David Mayhew Photography

Capturing the drama of nature's unbridled fury can lead men to risk life, limb, and an entire afternoon spent trapped in a truck cab with Helen Hunt. Rolling the dice to art up your walls, David Mayhew.

A UK native whose restless world travels led him (naturally) to photography courses at College of DuPage where he developed a penchant for storm chasing, Mayhew set up shop in Chicago as a base for excursions to Canada, Texas, and more in search of highly photogenic storms that aren't even played by Halle Berry. His skyscapes represent varying degrees of God's wrath, from violent lightning strikes along the Chicago skyline and funnel clouds churning over a rural Kansas road, to less threatening compositions like a post-shower rainbow disappearing into a forest, where, to you, it'll find a leprechaun, to you. His more architecturally focused work also carries a reverence for natural elements, like "Liquid Sunset", portraying a reflection of the Hancock and surrounding buildings off Lake Michigan, "Frozen Chicago Sunrise", which gives a full skyline reflection on a still winter morning, and "Chicago Bridges", showing the gentle ripples of a water taxi passing under the iconic bridges of the Chicago River, last considered natural sometime during the Fillmore administration.

Because the weather can get tiresome, he's also done some wildlife photography, much of it from the Lincoln Park Zoo, including diving polar bears, plodding rhinos, and one screaming beaver, presumably telling some tree that he's "Mad About Chew".