Defy Bags

People love seeing trash put to good use: How else can you explain the appeal of Junkyard Wars, or Christina Aguilera? Making refuse useful, bag style, Defy Bags.Started by a Chi art director who saw a misprinted vinyl billboard about to be tossed and figured he could do something with it, Defy artily handcrafts messenger bags out of said discarded vinyl (with future plans to branch out into old truck tarps and whitewater rafts) and gives it a new lease on life, effectively the rockhammer to the bag's Andy Dufresne. The eclectic artwork on the flap reps a wide range of subject matter, from motorcycle steez like the "Ride", rocking dual bikes laid over a red silhouette of a lusty female, to an old-timey whiskey advertisement, to a man whose romantic tryst went horribly awry in "Deadly Sex", also a series of middle school abstinence videos popular in the Deep South. More verbally oriented styling comes from the word-bubbled "That's What She Said", the print-media -glory-days-recalling "Letterpress", and the sneakily tough "Helvetica" done up in the font style of a similar-sounding metal band (Hint: not Stryper). With choice being all the rage these days, they'll also do custom designs if you have an image lying around that's just waiting to be an accessory ... that way you won't have to explain the appeal of your old "Genie In A Bottle" poster, it'll be right there bouncing against your butt.