Being a male model can pave your way to many things, for example, one could host a reality show that evaluates other male models, or even pursue acting, as part of a Ben Stiller vehicle that parodies the male modeling industry, just as a random example. Parlaying wearing clothes into making them, Dorsia

From a Ukrainian-Chi dude who first got his fashion feet wet as a model before he started making shirts for friends, Dorsia's a collection of stylin-yet-practical shirts and outerwear that's largely denim friendly, like a golden retriever, except not just fixated on sniffing the crotch part. The spring collection is heavy on slightly slimmed, double breast pocketed longsleeves like the Dallas, with either blue or grey cowboy-style plaid and reversible fabric on the cuffs; the navy-colored Johnny with white contrast stitching dotting the pockets, placket and shoulders; and the Logan, a navy number with indigo plaid reversible cuffs, a detachable hood, Adamantium claws, and a penchant for showing up nude in old Canadian farmers' barns. Other less-buttony action comes from pullover hooded henleys like the Piper (available in aqua/grey stripes or grey/off white stripes), and the Tristen, which is also grey/off white but is fully reversible, along with a funky navy cardigan called the Patrick with white stripes, plaid contrast cuffs and four oversize buttons that you could push, but do you really want to anger the dad from Step By Step

In the jacket department, they've got nylon action with satin lining like the Seth (avail in black, olive) and the Dean, which has four oddly placed zippers across the front and a silvery sheen one might also find on the scales of a mermaid. Or merman. Mer-MAN!