High F***ing Five

The high five has an unimpeachable place in American culture, and that place is between Jim McMahon and Cap Boso after a Tecmo Bowl touchdown. For photos of high fives that're nonetheless touchdowns themselves, check out High F***ing Five

The pet project of an ad copywriter who describes himself as "really bored, a lot", HFF meticulously chronicles various incarnations (some intentional, some coincidental) of the age-old celebratory hand gesture used by everyone throughout history except Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. Notable entries include an old lady slapping palms with a giant Energizer bunny, celebrity exchanges like one thrown during Tom Cruise's Oprah meltdown, and a pair of celebrating cyclists with the caption "White guys should never high five in public. White guys in spandex should never high five anywhere". Suck it, Winter Olympics! Others appear due to fortuitous placement, from a scuba diver reaching for the fin of a vertically positioned whale, to a newborn puppy with its paw raised to the camera, to Vince Young & a ref with their arms raised in a manner that looks like a high five, though in reality Vince was probably about to give the other team six

And proving HF's go all the way to the top, his Holiness Pope Benedict even gets in on the action by exchanging one with a young child, though given the Church's past publicity, he'd be a total Boso to compare it to celebrating with a tight end.