FIAT's Back

When musicians disappear, they sometimes reemerge better than ever -- wiser, more confident in their skills, and totally appreciative of whatever advances in plastic surgery occurred during their absence. Bringing this inspiring comeback tale to the auto world: FIAT, with the all-new 500.  

Marking FIAT's glorious return to the US market, the 500 is a modern interpretation of the Italian classic, coupling magnificent styling with state-of-the-art technology -- like the first man to surf the internet in a smoking jacket, except better, and more appropriate to be seen in public.

Built with the same time-honored craftsmanship as the original Cinquecento a half-century ago, the iconic design conveys simplicity and strength; in the interests of sustainable mobility, that simplicity and strength is propelled by an all-new 1.4 liter, in-line four-cylinder with blindingly innovative MultiAir tech that delivers greater fuel efficiency and power while decreasing CO2 emissions -- so you can go green while others grow green from envy, plus that questionable burrito they had for lunch.

To find out more about this instant legend, visit FIAT on Facebook, another startling advance that came on during their sabbatical from America -- and one that'll make it pretty much impossible for anyone to disappear ever again.