Del Seoul

Asian/Hispanic mashups inevitably have one of two results: getting pelted with insane clown feces, or delicious food. Providing the latter: Del Seoul.Inspired by the Korean taco craze that's become a food truck staple across the land, DS is bringing that street ethos to a takeout-focused brick 'n mortar joint covered in food cart-esque sheet metal and three flat screens touting the menu, so finally TVs'll actually help you stuff your face in front of them. All tacos come on grilled white corn tortillas with cilantro-onion relish, chili-garlic salsa, and "secret slaw", with proteins ranging from soy-soju marinated beef short rib, to Korean BBQ pork, to chili aioli-kicked shrimp that're hand-battered, which is pretty harsh considering they're just little guys. Del's also loading their fillings into Banh Mi, plus offering traditional fare like veggies/fried egg/rib eye bibimbap bowls, and Seoul-style street dumplings filled with pork, so they probably won't add them to the bill until the last second.In a glorious nod to American influence, they've even concocted kimchi & pork belly fries covered in jack, cheddar, and sour cream, which'll be even better after a night spent throwing down some tequila, but not with her, as that would make the insane clown you.