Exotic, enticing cased meats in Lincoln Park

When you put a spin on a classic the results can really be something -- ask the dude who thought of Crystal Pepsi, if he can still afford to have a phone. Doing a much better spin on standard sausage fare, Franks 'N Dawgs.Chef'd by a Blackbird/Sixteen alum, FND looks like an unassuming hot dog stand decked out in red, black, and steel and ornamented with photos of local graffiti (would also be American Graffiti, but shockingly Opie isn't anywhere). Some of the more interesting cased-meat fare (some of which is made in-house) include the Posh Dog, a German-style brat smothered in Waldorf salad, and the N'Awlins Dawg: andouille topped with mustard-ketchup along with fried okra and shrimp, and a grilled eggplant/goat cheese/salsa verde topped knockwurst called the Knocked Up, marking the first time a sausage has ever been linked to said scenario. They're also dropping more global flavor like the Veal Percik, a Malaysian-flavored sausage with date chutney, carrot ginger mayo, cilantro and toasted almonds, the Beef Curry (orange marmalade, parsley, blood orange oil, raisin slaw) and the Lamb Keema, topped cucumber salad, pearl onions, English peas and socca, or as the peas would prefer, football.They plan to constantly swap selections in and out, with standard monthly specials that include a creation from a star Chi chef, the Top Dawg, selected each month from recipes submitted online, and the Charitable Dawg, whose proceeds will go to a featured charity, like that poor Pepsi dude.