Gene's Sausage Shop And Delicatessen

When someone you love departs, you can't fill the void with just anybody, as Saved By The Bell found out with, ugh, Tori. Ably replacing a beloved institution, Gene's Sausage Shop & Delicatessen

Stepping up Saturday to fill the void left by dearly departed Delicatessen Meyer, Gene's is pouring the experience honed from their own 37-year-old family-run biz into their new-to-them two-story temple of cased meats (walls of exposed steel, wood, and stone, gigantic chandeliers, and the Meyer's neon sign above the deli), where the goods are whipped up by Euro-trained sausage makers and smoked on the premises, a past time that also got you kicked off the high school lacrosse team.

Among the family specialties are four varieties of bratwurst, six types of Polish sausage, and a Swedish potato sausage, supplemented by an old-fashioned butcher who can hook you up with all manner of cuts and deli meats (including four types of housemade ham) along with meat-friendly accompaniments like a wide-ranging cheese selection, tasty prepared items (pierogies, German potato salad), and an olive bar, which has a cool atmosphere, even if the scene gets pretty greasy.

They're also taking care of you in the packaged goods department with a huge array of groceries from all-American staples to European chocolates, and keeping your thirst quenched with a full array of beer, wine, and liquor plus obscure imported soft drinks like Bionade, a German energy drink made exclusively for Lee Majors

Come springtime, Gene's has plans to open up its rooftop deck where they'll serve a small plates menu along with wine and beer, which Tori lamely refused at that toga party, something morally casual Jessie would've never considered. NEVER!