Get the Give at Best Buy

Elves have been making gifts for centuries, which is great if your loved ones are really into stuff made entirely of wood. For the latest, greatest, non-wood gifts, rely on Best Buy.

Bringing you the season's best in tech, entertainment, and appliances, Best Buy has a gift for everyone in your life, from a flatscreen for Pops, to a D-SLR camera for the girlfriend, to a gaming console for yourself, to play so much you'll forget about all other calls of duty. The getting of the gadgetry's made easy with a slew of convenient options: buy in-store or online; have it delivered or pick it up yourself, or just grab a gift card that says, "I was too embarrassed to buy you that boxset about the lives of privileged young adults on Manhattan's Upper East Side. XOXO." The gift-o-rama's sweetened with deal-tacular pricing, like $25 off the Rocketfish Rocketboost Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker, whose audio quality is so exquisite, you'll move all future gatherings to the backyard even if it's raining cats and (snoop) dogs.

To get the toastiest gifts in tech and entertainment, head to the Best Buy near you or hit up, unless of course you actually were interested in scoring the latest in handpainted woodcrafts, in which case, just wait for a rumblin' in your chimney.

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