Top Chef winner finally comes around

Sometimes it's the anticipation that makes things better -- food tastes best when you're really hungry, and just imagine how amazing it'll be when you finally get laid! Finally poised to give Chi some of its flavor, Girl & The Goat.

Delivering on buzz that began building the moment Stephanie Izard was named Top Chef, G&TG's an ode to gustatory ideology set up like a refined 7,400 sq ft lodge, with fully-charred cedar plank-covered pillars, reclaimed wood beams, antique fireplace grates above the bar, and an open kitchen lined with tables done like butcher blocks, which differ from cock blocks in that cocks rarely survive them. The menu's ritualistically divided into three sections of 10 ever-rotating dishes, starting with Meat options including rabbit rillette w/ crisp rice crepe, ginger gardiniere, and sweet garlic; ham frittes sided by smoked tomato aioli/swiss; and a smoked goat pizzette w/ ricotta, black kale, and a soffrito of tart cherry, though not tart Cheri, as they'd still like to appeal to High Society. The rest of the menu's comprised of Fish dishes like grilled baby octopus w/ guanciale, seared scallops w/ braised veal & caponata, and grilled shrimp sided with spiced goat/broccoli/cilantro/kohlrabi kimchee, plus 10 vegetarian options, which...also exist.

To finish it all off, those on the dessert tip can nab everything from zucchini upside down cake (sweet corn/green tomato frozen nougat) to goat cheese bavaroise with brown sugar cake, blueberries, and crisp oats, which is what yours are gonna become if you don't get out there and start sowing.