Ice cream in Roscoe Village, and on your couch

There's nothing like going out for a bowl of ice cream, unless someone brings you that ice cream in a tricked-out sub-zero car fridge after you just finished a bowl you chafed your thighs going out for. Bringing frozen goodness to you, Gyood!

From a pair of longtime Chicagoans, Gyood!'s a 40-plus seat soft serve emporium that's taking the ice cream game up a notch with delivery service (via GrubHub starting today, if you dislike phone-talking) in car-powered sub zero coolers that, while effective, are still vulnerable to Scorpion's spear-rope thing. The action starts with their house blend of French vanilla soft serve, which gets stuffed into various gorge-devices like waffle bowls or chocolate chip cookie cones or blended up with assorted candy/cookie/syrupy accoutrements in a concoction called a Gyoodee -- like a Blizzard minus all that fiber that comes with cease and desist letters from Dairy Queen. They're also throwing down drinkable goodness like shakes/floats/cows, massive housemade ice cream sandwiches, and a behemoth pie-tin sized brownie topped with ice cream and one topping (or more if you have 40 more cents) for five bucks, the same price as a Subway footlong, but it'll make you twice the man that Jared is.

Each time you go the delivery route, the owners will magnanimously give you a spot in a monthly raffle for a pair of sports tickets (we're talking the big five here ... no Chicago Sky, promise), assuming you can pry yourself away from your Super Bowl.