HaHa Press

There's nothing like creating something just for fun, whether it be a secret language, a fort, or friends to play with in that fort, and speak your unique dialect of "Garyese". Creating shirts just for the good times, HaHa Press.Named for the "let's have fun with it" attitude of their designers who were looking for a creative outlet to explore different concepts and styles, Chi-based HHP turns out monthly limited-production (50-200) t-shirt concepts displaying an eclectic, whimsical sensibility you have to rely on t-shirts to exude. Because you're hamster died. Recent stylings include the Fish Eye, with flesh-stripped fishbones circling around the half-moon pupil of a huge graphic eye; the Diamond Dove, a collection of precious stones presented in the shape of said bird; and the old school Crockett, featuring a coonskin-topped skull backed by a couple of rifles, totally nailing the Miami Vice steez. Older but nonetheless available gear comes from an artily represented red white and blue Cereal Bowl (Cheerios, looks like), an in-no-way-creepy Robot Skeleton, and a fez-topped, smoke-puffing Sultan Monkey, because monkeys doing people stuff is hilarious...until they TAKE OVER YOUR SMOKES.They do occasionally find time to comment on local matters, like a Sears Tower outline containing the query "Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?" made famous by the immortal Gary Coleman, who was just upset he didn't understand Willisese.