It's easy to get caught up in Chicago's sports past (Da Bears Super Bowl Shuffling in '85, MJ winning 6 NBA titles, the Blackhawks existing) and forget the rest of the region's awash in glory, too. Get pan-Midwestern nostalgia, with Homage

Homage is an Ohioan's ode to classic Midwest athletics, shown off via "buttery-soft" tees w/ faux vintage graphics that make them look like they were stashed in your uncle's attic, next to some MC5 vinyl and a Playboy Club key. Goodness includes a dark gray "Bad Boys" job, a praiseful Hoosiers number ("The Lord is My Shepherd, but Bob Knight's The Coach"), and the flirty baseball tee "I'm Reds Hot"; OSU gets maximum love, with two sweet Archie Griffin numbers and another reading "Woody, Thanks for the memories!" (signed Charlie Bauman?). Because not all contests are on the field, things veer political with the just-released "Barack Obama For Illinois State Senate 13th District '96", but one look at the "Bernie Kosar For President" tee and you'll know what Homage really values in a world leader (an ability to stand tall in the pocket, and a 'fro-mullet)

Homage is hoping to expand beyond the Midwest, and already offers a Dr. J, old-school 49ers action, and "The Chief" in Celtic/ganja green. They've also got some non-sports randomness, highlighted by "Listen To Kris Kross" -- no matter what team you follow, rocking this backwards will make you the Miggity Miggity Miggity wack.