Yonder Biology

They say art comes from a place deep inside you, but hey, you're no Piero Manzoni. Merde! For classier art from your insides, Yonder Biology.From a pair of biotech exiles seeking a more creative outlet, YB produces fully customizable wall art based on the specific genetic code belonging to you, a loved one, or even your dog, since he loves to labradoodle. Contact 'em and they'll send a cheek swab which upon return'll be used to isolate individual strands of your DNA and separate individual segments through gel electrophoresis, a process that turns genetic material into visible patterns (ironically explaining your baldness). After the tough stuff's done they'll take a high res shot under UV light and tailor it to your liking with a variety of color schemes, and give you the option to add text or a photo in the background, with past examples including portrait photos, a snowboarder shredding the gnar, and a pitcher next to the phrase "Baseball, It's In My DNA", which, if it's true, means he must have a great mustache. And is not named Selleck.After approving a proof, YB'll print up the final on photographic paper or high-quality canvas, with sizes ranging from 13"X19" to 36"x56", which'll make a statement. Not a poop-in-a-tin statement, but hey...merde!