Question: what to do with a piece of garage sale junk whose time has clearly passed? Answer: turn it into a device that counts down the minutes until your time has clearly passed. It's IMOTIME.

From an Evanston man who's taught English in Japan and hotel concierged all over, IMOTIME re-purposes garage sale, thrift store, and back alley finds into alluringly unusual wall clocks, using mechanisms often also found amongst the rest of the 'bage. The 200+ oddly shaped time-tellers run the gamut: spouted gas can, solid oak toilet seat cover, babydoll head, menacing green dragon skatedeck, GAF SC/100 Super 8, yellow vintage "Wellington Ave" street sign, even two "Operation" games -- so now you can tell the ladies your biological clock is ticking, too. There are circular-faced pieces as well, like a Hacker-Pschorr beer tray, a '60s Ford truck hubcap, a slide projector wheel, and a women's restroom sign -- so now you can tell the ladies, "No, seriously, my biological clock is ticking".

Probably the most ironic IMOTIME category is Tupperware -- because with that magical technology, you never know when something's time has passed.