Kevin Devine's Lollapalooza Playlist

With Lollapalooza upon us, Brooklyn's Kevin Devine (playing Friday at 3pm) shows us that even sensitive indie-types don't take kindly to steppin' to with Death Row in his list of faves from his Lolla co-performers.

Animal Collective:MyGirls This number from the Baltimore-bred group starts out with a trickle of synth but grows into a rousing collection of booming vocals, deep bass, and handclaps, something you contract when you haven't been careful about wearing rubber... gloves.

Vampire Weekend:Oxford Comma Such a lively tribute to grammar minutiae and generally not giving a f**k could only come from a band of Ivy Leaguers, where many students generally aren't getting one, either.

Manchester Orchestra:Pride The Atlanta-based quintet lays the angst and grungy guitars on heavy, an homage to their fave group, Temple of the (Bull)dog.

Band of Horses:St. Augustine Plucky-yet-quiet acoustic guitar and reverb-heavy vocals characterize this Seattle group's meditation on the patron saint of you're Jewish.

Lou Reed:Pale Blue Eyes Inspired by Lou's sweetheart, who reportedly did indeed have pale blue eyes, this work predates his encouraging a generation to Take a Walk on the Wild Side, also a big reason why you're not totally sure who your real dad is.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs:Cheated Hearts Admirably filling in when the Beastie Boys had to bow out, the Trip-Yeahs step up with a catchy riff and alluring vocals from Karen O, who makes a face you're sadly unfamiliar with.

Bon Iver:Skinny Love The heartache-laden acoustic tribute to love gone sour was penned in seclusion in a cabin in Northern Wisconsin, yet somehow doesn't mention That 70s Show once!

Tool:Aenima The LA-based alt-metalists bring the thrashing guitars and frenetic, violent chorus in this open call for Armageddon, which can only be prevented by a selfless act from Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi's general creepiness.

Neko Case:This Tornado Loves You Case's signature crisp, dynamic voice drives this tale of love, natural disaster-style from the occasional New Po*n*grapher, a title you'd have had by now if your girlfriend wasn't such a prude.

Snoop Dogg:F**k Wit Dre Day Who could forget Snoop's starmaking performance back when he rolled with Dre and made jimmy jokes about yo momma thatcha might not like? (We heard she rhymes with disco bike).