When you were young you thought you knew everything, but as you've grown older you wish you could go back in time to tell your younger self ... she was a dude! Learning from past experience, Knew.

Opened by the longtime chef/owner of Think (get it?) in Bucktown, Knew reflects the chef's progression from a safer, more traditional Italian-heavy menu at the old spot to an eclectic new American menu served in a modern 130-seat dining room done up in light blue and silver, with white tablecloths and ceilings whose beams are exposed, something you normally do after a few Beams. Entrees include assorted free-range meat like venison in a fig/red wine reduction, buffalo served with a plum/wine/balsamic sauce, and pastas like a penne with rosemary garlic cream and an entire poached pear, which tastes delicious, despite being against international conservation and wildlife management laws. Smaller fare ranges from starters like crab/pimento/goat cheese stuffed piquillo peppers and Belgian endive jammed with lobster and drizzled with truffle oil, to their signature dessert, a fresh-apricot-sauced combo of dark and white chocolate mousse served atop a circle of pound cake, which was just normal old dollar cake before it went abroad in London, and banged a soccer player. Oh I'm sorry, a "footballer".

Knew is BYOB so patrons are encouraged to provide their own hooch, and those who want to feel extra special should look to reserve the chef's table in advance, because Jenny really likes to sit there, and he also thinks he's hot.