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La Ciudad

It's nice to be in charge after a lifetime of being bossed around -- like when Macaulay Culkin's family leaves, and he makes that huge ice cream sundae and tricks that pizza guy ... yeah Party Monster is one weird flick. Finally running the show to hook you up with Mexican grub, La Ciudad

A just-opened BYOB Mexican cafe from a guy who's been a longtime manager of other people's restos, La Ciudad (inspired by his birthplace of Mexico City) shows his nation's pride with black and white photos of MC scenes and bright red walls above green/white banquette seating, designed to mimic the flag, whose mom said just ignore them, and they'll lose interest eventually.

The cuisine takes inspiration from the street food and home cooking he fondly recalls, with finger-friendly options like queso fundido augmented with either mushrooms, chorizo, or poblanos, bite-size snack tacos, and deep fried shrimp that're wrapped in bacon and stuffed with chihuahua cheese, which is expected as chihuahua's aren't exactly known for their subtle sophistication.

Entree seekers will find familiar territory like carne asada, chile rellenos, and enchiladas, while couples/Best Friends Forever can split the Parilla, a mixed grill platter decked with chicken, steak, shrimp, chorizo, and nopales, a salad made with cactus, which is well known for its ability to retain water, like pregnant women, and Kirstie Alley.

If non-burgers make you uncomfortable, reach for a Chilango -- a commonplace MC street delicacy consisting of a classically topped burger bolstered with a helping of ham and sausage, the kind of caloric concoction an eight-year-old might come up with if left to his own devices, that is until Joe Pesci tried to murder him, like he does in Party Monster.