Lifetime Collective

The more influences you have, the more prolific you've got to be to honor them all -- between Mark Twain, Kublai Khan, and trees, Rush had no choice but to put out 28 albums. For a big-ass line built on schloads of muses, check out Lifestyle Collective's spring drop

A two-person DIY tee maker built up to an all-encompassing casual wear brand, LC claims influences from thrift shops, concerts (specifically Broken Social Scene's, but also "others"), cycling, traveling to Europe/Japan, and, most romantically, "asymmetrical stripes". The new stuff starts with 30 fresh tees, highlighted by a bullet-headed, bat-leaning old school ballplayer caricature dubbed "Mr Maim", two stacks of hot wax forming an "L" ("Vinyl Archive"), and a German Shepherd jumping a chain-link fence as an admiring cop shouts "Yeah Dog!" (later, Sean Connery will proclaim the dog an adult). Lifetime also offers wovens like the hooded, cotton zip-up "Whabit Hunter" vest; sweaters like the 100% wool "Start A War" w/ contrast cuffs and snappable "kangaroo" pocket; and jackets like the canvas shell, detachable hooded "Real Talk", and the Happy Days-esque 100% leather "Super Genius" (did you figure out hitting a jukebox would make it play?)

To cover your shame, Lifetime's slinging buckle-in-the-back dress pants, straight-leg "Intervention" jeans (non-stretch raw unwashed finished denim), and shin-length bike messenger-ish shorts called "Smoke Show" -- because after all, Rush did love their trees.