Mad Canvases

Published On 04/23/2010 Published On 04/23/2010

A blank canvas demands creativity...or, if you don't have any creativity, money to pay for someone else's...or, if you don't have any of that, totally ill stick figures! To buy some art from someone so broke she cultivated her own artistic talents, check out Mad Canvases

Finding herself without the scratch to decorate a huge, barren wall in her new apartment, the gal behind MC decided to leverage her high-school photo experience and take shots of notable Chi landmarks, shaking them up into mostly black-and-white collage-style mashups, which unlike college-style mashups don't have hilarious portmanteaus (Beerios = genius!). Notable downtown landmarks include the iconic Marshall Fields' clock behind the transparent outline of the building's old sign; The Art Institute's "Modern Wing" blended with its lion statue and the "rustic stonework" of the Western entrance; and, embellished with a red outline, the Sears Tower, who wonders whatchu talking 'bout every time you call it Willis. You can also nab music venues like the Aragon, whose ornate facade is brightened up with some electric blue and yellow touches, notable restaurants like Carmichael's Steakhouse, whose well-worn exterior contrasts with its towering red neon sign, and public transit-ness like a melange of tracks, stops, and cars from the Red Line, which Mad describes as "running from North of Wrigley Field to South of Comiskey Park"..ooooh, US Cellular, ya burned

For those who only like art when drinking, each canvas is available as a tile coaster, which you'll need to protect your coffee table...or, if you don't have one of those, your end table...or...dude, are you reading this at a library?



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