Your arms, now with leather

There're many ways to flaunt worldliness & learnedness, and most of them are awful -- like inflicting your Asia slideshow on friends, or talking. Go the understated route with Maris Leather.Designed by a Detroiter, Maris adorns bi-fold wallets, steel belt buckles, and metal-snapped wristbands with leather-embossed designs evoking exotic travel and deep historical knowledge you may or may not possess, but'll certainly seem to every time you pay for Ding Dongs. The flushest design category's international currency, including a Napoleon-graced franc, Ghandi's 10 rupee, a 2000 Italian lire note sporting a thickly-bearded Galileo, and an Australian $20 proudly displaying the minister/aviator who created the first air ambulance in 1928 (coincidentally, in 1928 planes also served as air morgues). Deep historical knowledge can be feigned via Buffalo Bill Cody & Sitting Bull, dual mugshots of O.G. Lucky Luciano, a collage of The Spirit of Detroit statue/that city's skyline/the Tigers' Olde English "D", or Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" -- wear the wallet up front, and God's outstretched finger'll be nearly touching your own Li'l Creator.Maris also takes custom orders, though past works-for-hire seem to veer away from culture towards, say, the Liddell vs. Ortiz UFC brawl -- giving one lucky customer the ability to flaunt mixedmartialartsness without beating some poor guy to death.