One. Six One

Balance and harmony are universally valued qualities -- well, unless you're always falling over and can't sing, that Courtney Love really marches to her own drummer. Harmoniously balancing out your hunger: One Point Six One.

Named for the golden ratio (a mathematical concept that turns up in everything from architecture to music, moron), 1.61's aiming to bring culinary balance and harmony to a flowing modern space outfitted with a fireplace'd lounge area, an open kitchen, and a wide-open 80-deck patio that's surrounded by grass, though not as much as if it were an Inspectah deck. Food-wise the small plates menu is aggressively global (each menu item lists a country of origin), with snack options including samosas w/ tomato ginger chutney, saffron risotto/buffalo mozz fried arancini, and a buffalo wing riff involving drumsticks served with blue cheese fondue, truffled chicken mousse, and buffalo sauce, which Bills fans still use to cope with Scott Norwood. Among the larger plates're a Greek-style chicken thigh with crispy potatoes, fried chickpeas and olive yogurt; a braised short rib/filet au poivre French beef combo sided w/ horseradish potato mousse, cauliflower puree, creamed leeks, chanterelles, and perigord sauce; and a Maryland-style lump crab cake served with crispy crawfish, Tabasco beurre blanc, and creamed spinach, which made the mistake of believing Popeye's hype.

They're temporarily BYOB but expect a liquor license shortly, which'll pave the way to opening an adjoining bar called The Bar 10 Doors, named for an actual Ireland watering hole, also the best way to shock awake Ms. Love.