If Cheers was in Mexico

Leaving Las Vegas is always depressing -- you've blown all your money, and probably cheated on your girlfriend, but hey, at least Nic Cage is dead. Get a taste of Vegas without even having to go there, at Paradise Cantina.

Leaving a sibling location behind in Vegas to expand into Chi, PC's a lively barstaurant lined with bright red & green banquettes, loads of South-of-the-border schwag on the walls, and 30 flatscreen TVs, all making it what the owners describe as "a Mexican version of Cheers," so expect constant cameos from Eduardo Najera. The menu's packed with Tex-Mex action like the cheddar/queso fresco/jack Tres Queso burger with guac and jalapenos; sizzling fajitas avail classic-style or stuffed in a sandwich; and chicken, cheese & more-filled fried tortillas called Paradise Rolls, though the ones they create on you will turn your loofa's shower time into anything but. For thirst there're loads of specialty margs, from the Cozumel Key Lime w/ butterscotch liqueur & creme de cacao, to the peach-and-pineapple Monterrey Melon, to the reposado-based Mazatlan they consider their "Cadillac", unless you're wilin' out with Billy Joel, in which case it's their Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac-ac.

Come February, they're planning on opening up a second location in Wicker Park, so even if one's full you won't have to go to Vegas and experience the actual most depressing part about leaving it: Sheryl Crow.