Riding the El can lead to all sorts of things, like sitting in a puddle of bum-urine, or even more horrifyingly, O'Hare. Or inspiration for sweet art from Peabe.A Chi native, Peabe's over-the-top, cartoonish, occasionally boobie-filled steez was honed during long, dull commutes on the El when he'd take in the half-asleep zombie-commuters juxtaposed with the wild graffiti outside and decided to start sketching some sweetness for himself, kinda like Leo on his awesome, unsinkable party cruise. Some of his chestier work includes "Observation", featuring a nude, curvaceous pink-haired lass being restrained/videotaped by various disembodied robot appendages, "Holding To Human Nature" featuring a more tender take on woman-robot relations, and "The Garden of Eden", with a buxom Eve seductively dangling an apple in front of Adam while being watched by several jungle creatures, which is a different sin entirely. Other work features assorted portly, shirtless, vaguely animal-costumed dudes, apparently vomiting up octopi in "Failed Expulsion"; growing an extra arm/head in "You're Really Growing On Me"; and repping some fierce half-bear, half-ninja action in "Panjaman" ... which hopes you Panjaman, too.Since you sometimes like to play with your art, he's also done a custom, vaguely WWF Wrestling Buddy-resembling "Pea Ninja", also the code name you gave that homeless dude on the train, but for different reasons.