Point Break Live!

It's easy to disparage live theater: what's the point if there's no surfing or chance to pretend to be American film legend Keanu Reeves? Problems solved, with Point Break Live

Already a rousing success on the West Coast/NYC, PBL's a 100% pure adrenaline stage production of the action-packed 1991 Reeves/ Swayze/Busey/Lori Petty epic, with the notable twist that F-B-I agent turned undercover bank robbing surf enthusiast Johnny Utah is portrayed by someone plucked from the audience, like the Price Is Right without the neutering embrace of Bob Barker. Those bold enough to vie for the lead role are whittled down via exercises and audience applause, until the one true Utah emerges, at which point he (or she) commences reading the unforgettable dialogue on cue cards, a method the producers believe capture that essential rawness Keanu also displayed every time he's tried to act. From there it's a cavalcade of stunningly realistic surf scenes and monsoons (poncho provided), fake blood, shirtless dudes in board shorts with sexy female stunt doubles, and memorable lines like "Are we going to jump or jerk off?", a question you'll recall from space camp

Because you're special, they're offering Thrillist readers a 15% discount on tickets, because if you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price, but it's like, what's the point if you don't have enough for a T-shirt?