Property Of Wallets

With all these inscrutable company names (Humana?), it's refreshing to see one that gets to the point -- like Yum! Brands, because what else would you say after a white-suited racist hands you a delicious bucket of popcorn chicken? Getting to the point with your money, Property Of wallets. From a Singapore design team, the (hopefully) aptly named wallet maker has just dropped six new minimalist cash-carrier styles incorporating high-end and durable materials into everything from money clips to slim credit card holders outfitted with enough slots for all the cards you've worked so hard to receive unsolicited in the mail. Framing clean modernity with a border of class is the "C.J.", made from water-repellant cotton waxcloth and nylon twill lining; also nontraditional's the heavy hemp linen exterior, suede interior, zipper-closured "Alf", a joy to whip out when the pressures of harboring an obnoxious alien lead you to smoke crack with male prostitutes. Meanwhile, the soft, zipper-closured "Ben" is made from crushed, distressed calf leather, while the firmer exterior leather'd "Davis" sports a soft, textured "shrunken leather" interior, and the tri-fold "G.Love" comes with full leather outsides and nylon twill lining -- when you find it empty after a date, you'll know she got sauced.PO also makes variously sized messengers, backpacks, and duffels -- a category of bag whose name is inscrutable, but sure is great for lugging home four buckets of bite-sized deep-fried Yum!