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Mucho mole in Logan Square

A thing's success can be measured by the praiseful variations it inspires -- bbq's been adopted into local idioms from North Carolina to Kansas City, while "Keep on Loving You" was respectfully reinterpreted on all 32 tracks of Monster Ballads Vols 1 and 2. Feel the power of mole, at Real Tenochtitlan.RT's a bi-level resto awash in bright greens, yellows, and oranges, dedicated to showcasing the many-splendored indigenous mole sauces the chef/owner discovered traveling through each of his native Mexico's 32 states (32 states? that's adorable.). The sauces'll be slapped on paired proteins like fish, chicken, duck breast, & quail, with three varieties available every day (Veracruz's white-chocolate Blanco and sweet Xiqueño, and Guererro's 33-ingredient Mole de Teloloapan), plus a mole of the day, e.g. Wednesdays deep red, ancho- & chorizo-fueled Manchamanteles, which translates to "tablecloth stainer" (also a euphemism for a mob hit). There's also a hearty selection of non-mole action, like lime-soaked blue marlin ceviche, Gunthrop Farms ostrich w/ ancho-red wine sauce, ribeye or filet mignon carne asada w/ fried plantains, and Sugar River Farms rack of lamb smothered in beer- and tequila-spiked salsa borracha -- or "drunken sauce", also a euphemism for tablecloth stainer.With the exception of the booze in your food, RT's BYOB for now, but'll provide non-alcoholic juice & margarita setups; just add tequila, rum (for what's basically a daiquiri), or vodka or gin for an approximation of a gimlet -- all praiseful variations united in their ability to make you call your ex-girlfriend.