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Craft beer drops in Logan Square

Revolutions tend to foment change, unless they're Dance Dance Revolutions, in which case they tend to just foment the need for more change. For a revolution fomenting ... foam, hit Revolution Brewing Company

From the owner of Handlebar who also did a stint brewing for Goose Island, RBC is Chi's latest microbrewery, taking a militant approach to beer with defiant, brightly colored fist-shaped tap handles, a motif that's repeated on the pillars of the 360-degree central bar that anchors a massive open room with a window that provides a peek at the tanks where all the magic happens, but for health reasons, none of the gathering. They're debuting with solid handful of brews (with more on the way), including the dry hopped amber Iron Fist Pale Ale, a Belgian wheat spiced with orange peel and coriander called the Bottom Up Wit, and an American blonde with a dry finish called the Cross of Gold, which William Jennings Bryan likes to pound before he rants about economic populism. Soak the suds up with pub fare like the Forest Burger (Gorgonzola, cremini mushrooms, crispy shallots), a duck confit pizza kicked with rosemary/red onion/pistachios, and fish 'n chips that're served with red pepper remoulade and honey jalapeno slaw after being battered with the Iron Fist, cause they burnt themselves

Snack-oriented appetites will find starters like ginger/garlic/curry sweet potato cakes with red pepper yogurt, cheddar ale soup with thyme and sour cream, and shaved Parmesan/crispy fried sage-topped bacon fat popcorn, which might foment a Pants Pants Revolution, seeing how yours are just tearing themselves apart.