Food & Drink

Tunes and tortillas, together

Lots of people deeply appreciate a blend of rock music and Mexican culture, lots of people being Rob Thomas, Santana, and the DJ's who love them. Smoothly one-upping them, Rockin' Taco

Decked out with graffiti-style artwork and rock memorabilia and blasting a steady diet of punk, metal and the like, RT's a 24-seat quick service spot run by a pair of restaurant industry vets who wanted to do things their way, like Laverne and Shirley, but without the stunningly inspirational intro music. The menu has the usual compliment of burritos, tacos, and quesadillas filled w/carne asada, al pastor, or chipotle garlic chicken, along with crunchy cheese/potato flautas, and a heavy-duty 'rito loaded with all three meat fillings called the Baby Huey, for those that just don't give a duck. For gringo types, they're also doing hot dogs served simple (just mustard/ketchup, get two w/ fries for $3.25), Chicago-style, or the amped-up Rockin' Dog topped with cheddar/mustard/onions along with jalapeno sauce and sriracha, a spicier combo than even the Zesty Salsa Tortilla Combo.

For those who like a challenge, there's a special "Friday Night Fight" in which participants are invited to consume 10 loaded half-pound tacos kicked up with crazy hot ghost pepper-tinged sauce -- those who triumph getting the meal free along with their picture on the wall, a way to achieve fame if you don't have Rob Thomas' lyrical genius and Santana's smooth licks coming right 'atcha!