Sacred Feather

The good people of Wisconsin have mastered a few skills over the years, from the fine art of cheesemaking to the fine art of allowing the state's most treasured athlete to flee to their bitter rival and crush their souls, but neither of those will help your freezing cold ears. Rectifying that oversight, Sacred Feather

A north of the border chapeau shop whose wares are thankfully non-cheese-shaped, SF trades in all manner of head coverage, and has used years of built up experience with Dairy State winters to assemble a line of seasonally appropriate hats that say "I winter in Sturgeon Bay, and enjoy myself". Melon warming action comes from the Tank Commander (avail in cranberry/black/white) with a nylon shell and rabbit fur lining, the full-on Rabbit Fur Trooper for fashion-forward police officers, and the ventilated earflapped Faux Fur Aviator, because real fur has gross, terrible germs, and sickness everywhere, so go bottle your urine until Leonardo DiCaprio plays you in a biopic!!! They also rock headgear for warmer seasons, including the Jazz, a teardrop-shaped classic fedora with a cotton sweatband, the summery, short-brimmed Linen Gatsby, and The Reporter, a dark wool hat with a satin finish that recalls the days when reporters had jobs that could pay for hats

Wisconsin being the land of the Renaissance man, they also dabble in leather goods, including a hand-laced, double-strap black and red briefcase with brass fittings, a perfect courtroom accessory for that class action suit The People vs. That No Good Traitor.