The Saucony Originals Caption Contest

Three questions dominate a man's life: is there a higher power? Will I ever find true happiness? And why can't I get paid for all the bitingly clever comments I make about stuff? Now you can, with Saucony Originals photo caption contest. Every week, from now 'til December 25th, Saucony Originals and Journeys are inviting readers to take a crack at providing captions for a variety of photos, a delightful activity to cool down with after your brutal weekly matches of Circle Rules Football. Weekly winners get prize packs including everything from t-shirts to water guns, great fun for dousing other peoples' t-shirts, possibly even girls'. At the end of the contest, an overall winner will be chosen randomly from the entire pool of entrants, and handed a $5000 Apple gift card -- finally, an alternative to playing with that old Wang. Bonus, but only while they last: right now, grab a pair of Saucony Originals off, and get free shipping plus $10 worth of iTunes* -- prompting an existential question that's been bugging you since '97, Counting Crows or Collective Soul? The answer is neither! Enter the contest right now at Grab some Originals at

*while supplies last.