Siren Graphix

They say that hard work is the biggest key to success, but that's just because they didn't think of putting naked chicks on t-shirts with guns. Doing that, but classy, Siren Graphix.

The brainchild of a Chi designer who found the apparel community woefully lacking in shirts that carried a certain "Holy S**t" factor, SG combines elements of digital photography and graphic design into tees, thermals, and polos glossed up with images both violent and sexy, like Jessica Rabbit after a Jagerbomb. Scantily clad females represent themselves on "Panties", a light blue-on-black image of a slim woman wearing little else, the decidedly un-Britney-like ball-gagged "Slave", and "Gaia", a topless come-hither top half with a network of roots down below representing the primal goddess who personifies Earth, and randomly Frenched you at Widespread Panic. Ratcheting up the violence factor are "Chained", a black pocketed polo with a white image of a hunched over, chained up lass in a corset, "Gunz", which may or may not refer to the two handguns the blonde chick is rocking on a grey thermal, and "Throne", a stockings-only gal perched upon a skull mountain, which she's subletting from Skeletor for, like, next to nothing!

Because boobies/violence get old eventually (presumably), they've also done a range of tees that rock a variety of imagery from the Aztecs, who also missed the boat on naked chicks/guns/shirts, and especially guns. And shirts.