Smokey Bears Barbeque House

Family members are often blessed with different talents -- just look at the Emanuels, whose respective gifts lie in medicine, politics, and inspiring HBO to make the identical half-hour show for 7 seasons. Bringing you 'cue from a team of differently skilled bros, Smokey Bears BBQ House.From a pair of brothers who've divided to conquer the twin challenges of restaurateuring (one owns the building, the other the kitchen), SBBH's a no-frills, dual dining-area'd counter-service joint with crimson walls covered by ubiquitous paintings of blues musicians and, of course, hungry-looking bears, who're apparently willing to compromise their hatred of fires where meat is involved. Protein-wise everything's hickory smoked then enhanced with their signature sweet/spicy sauce (which they'll be bottling soon), from sliced/chopped brisket, pulled pork, and big baby back ribs, to half chickens, hot links, giant turkey legs, and rib tips, which, if you're hoping to ever see yours again, would likely start with "don't eat giant turkey legs". Everything comes with a bakery roll and vinegary cole slaw, but you can add on sides like a four-fromage'd Shells 'n Cheese, spicy sweet potato fries, a baked bean recipe they stole from their mother, and smashed Yukon golds (though if you really had gold you'd smash an Escalade).Bringing it full family circle, the bros're tapping their pastry chef sister, who's putting together action like pecan cheesecake, and a "drop cake" -- basically a double-chocolate frosted affair that's packed into a bowl, just like Turtle hilariously does in every single episode.