Snakes & Suits

Skateboarders have plenty of options after they quit, but sadly all of them involve sticking stuff up Steve-O's butt. Achieving a more productive post-skateboarding outcome, Snakes & Suits

Started in Chi by three 'boarding friends with mutual interests in skating, fashion and music (weird!), S&S has funneled that friendship into a collection of sharp-yet-affordable ($35 and under) threads that convey a disdain for authority and passion for life, especially the cinnamon toasted kind. Headlining their winter drop is a collection of 100% cotton, slim-fit, double breast-pocketed plaid wovens in simple color combos like black/white/gray, turquoise/black/white, and blue/gray/white, though thankfully none that are black, white, and red all over, because your dad loves that joke. They've also done a range of largely text-based tees, including the graffiti-styled Snakes & Suits logo, the bold, block printed "CreateNewDestroyOld", and a hazy image of Earth backing the phrase "Shock The World", which for you is best accomplished sans-shirts

What with the changing of the seasons and all, they've also done some hoodies, like one with a big old ampersand for grammar enthusiasts and a massive random wall of S&S logos called "The Cover Up", also when MTV's lawyers were forced to bust out when they couldn't find that new ex-skater guy, who was always getting a little too into his work.