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Machines always think they know what's best for us, what with their red lights telling us to stop and buzzing noises telling us our laundry's done -- I'll wear pants when I feel like it, dryer. Putting a more human touch on your online music experience, SongzaSets

A new venture now in beta from the Chi-based online music mavens who recently decided maybe fancy MIT algorithms weren't the best way to maximize your listening pleasure, SongzaSets is a free Internet radio site sporting tightly crafted 12-song playlists carefully selected by real live humans, or several surprisingly functional zombies that've eaten Downtown Julie Brown's brain, along with those of several other people who actually know something about music. The ever-growing stockpile of playlists can be sorted via assorted criteria (category, popularity, the alphabet), with lists ranging from nostalgic fare like '80s movie montage songs (hello "Eye of the Tiger", "You're the Best. Around!") and songs once performed on In Living Color to more current goodness like indie selections that've been tapped for major TV commercials, like how Mellencamp totally went all mainstream with "This Is Our Country". Some of the sets take on a more educational feel, like the beginnings of the Louisiana black Creole genre Zydeco, and also include weekly recurring action, including dozens selections from the Billboard Hot 100 and songs that've been lighting up the music blogosphere like some sort of group of songs that've been totally lighting up the music blogosphere

To increase your sense of humanity, each song comes paired with a bite-sized nugget of trivia, criticism or other editorial goodness, enhancing your enjoyment of the tune until that earsplitting buzz so rudely interrupts ... HEY, you don't OWN me, dryer!

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