The South Butt

Getting stuff before it officially becomes illegal is great, whether it's Napster giving you Blue Oyster Cult or those weird lats-only supplements that furnish you with the requisites for joining the Blue Oyster Cult. Hooking you up with winter gear in the throes of a legal fight, The South Butt.A St. Louis-based gear company started by an 18-year-old as a joke (and until very recently only available in one particular St. Louis pharmacy), SB recently found itself embroiled in a law battle with a certain ubiquitous winter outfitter that shares ever-so-slight similarities with SB's name and logo, however, as they put it, "if you can't tell a butt from a face, then go buy North Face." They're slapping their logo on cold-weather gear like two-toned fleece jackets (charcoal/black, red/black, etc), waterproof fleece-lined soft shells, and kangaroo-pouched hoodies in chocolate brown with white logo, white/red logo, and a gray logo on burnt orange, which looks better than it tastes. They've also done a huge array of short and long-sleeved tees (Carolina blue, pistachio) and they're looking after your melon with beanies (avail in black and dark brown), and unstructured six-panel baseball caps in black and Mossy Oak camo, allowing you to blend into the surroundings whether they be foliage or Randy Moss.Because sometimes a man needs to carry things, they've also done an urban backpack with goodies like a padded laptop sleeve and separate pouch designed for an iPod, which doubles as a great place to hold that new stuff that's really filling out your delts, but causing you to fear the reaper.