The Red Shirt

Sports fans are always looking to separate themselves from the crowd, from developing crazy tailgate setups, to crazily setting up shop in Wrigley's booze-free section. Separate yourself with cotton cleverness, from The Red Shirt.

A freshly dropped line of generally snarky sports tees, TRS covers almost every conceivable sporting angle, from college to pro, current to classic, real-life to, you're wearing Slammin' Sammy's congressional hearing? Contemporary action includes a Broncos-colored "If you don't Knowshon, you don't Know Sh*t", a Detroit-steez'd "Don't Get Suh'd", and collegiate rivalry baiting like "Notre Shame", felt in South Bend after both crushing fake field goal defeats AND sneaking into the girls dorm. Sinners! They also pay homage to past greatness through a caricature of the late Harry Carey, a simple rendition of Bear Bryant's ubiquitous houndstooth hat, and a floating set of specs/mustache over the Invisible Man-style face of Kurt Rambis, a number that Kevin McHale most certainly hangs out to dry using a clothesline

Those who prefer their sports cinematic can grab Ray Finkel's No. 5 jersey, and a Texas State Armadillo's shirt from Necessary Roughness, a movie that'll separate you from the crowd as no one else will watch it.

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