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State Street Pizza Company

When it comes to pizza, Chicagoans don't like to be told what to do, whether it's "Hey, no pizza for breakfast," or "Wear a shirt when you eat here" or "Stop living in our dumpster. With pizza". Hooking you up with pizza whenever and however, State Street Pizza Company

A tiny corner brick-clad pizza joint in the heart of downtown complete with a walkup window for those who can't be bothered with pesky doors, SSPC is serving up thin crust pie'd goodness from the dawn of the morning commute till the bars empty of people likely to be late for their morning commute. They aim to hook people up on the cheap (a jumbo cheese slice and a soda goes for $4), while also offering specialty pies for more refined palates like Rico's Special (fennel sausage, Nueske bacon, pepperoni, giardiniera), the Clam Up (decked with shucked littlenecks) and the whole wheat crusted spinach/sun-dried tomato/goat cheese'd "It's For My Girlfriend", the same excuse used by those who sleep with Ashton Kutcher. For those with slightly daintier appetites, they're also doing flatbreads like a seasonal roasted veggie number with herb oil, the Quattro (blue cheese/mozz/Parm/Fontina), and the Salsiccia with sausage, caramelized onions and Maytag blue cheese, which, like their eponymous repair man, just sits there all chubby and blue.

Because early birds actually dislike eating worms, they've got breakfast-y pizzas loaded with eggs, cheese, bacon and such, 'cause when you know you'll spend the rest of the day shirtless in a dumpster, you want to start it off RIGHT