Sex + Dating


A lot of dating sites market themselves to folks who've tired of bouncing around bar to bar and winding up with someone different every weekend. Just kidding, they market to losers. Marketing to you (but letting you maintain your rep), Stir.Recently launched in Chicago, Stir's a sort of Facebook/ mash-up that pairs you with members of the fairer sex who are known to also enjoy the same watering holes you frequent, finally giving you the excuse you need to talk to them...on the Internet. The process starts with an extensive survey of everything from your preferred nightlife steez (ideal noise level, how far you're willing to go, how deeply you love karaoke, most preferred hangout, etc.), before delving deep into your psyche (favorite books, films, TV, music and such), ultimately leading them to throw you a list of Chi establishments they suspect you'd dig, so, see you at Hi-Tops! As you start designating your favorite spots they'll furnish you with more options, based largely on the preferences of those with similar tastes, while also identifying like-minded ladies who "also like this place", affording you the opportunity to scope their profiles and suggest a casual meet-up, like maybe at a little place called Hi-Tops. For those who like to delve, profiles contain an optional space for an open-ended "About Me" write-up, and an entry for your proverbial "Bucket List", where you can write the stuff you want to do before you die, or just express your distaste in the film. Just kidding, you love anything with Morgan Freeman.