DIY laser-graffiti and more

Everyone loves a good middle man, especially if everyone refers to chicks on either side of him. Man, is he rich! For a place boldly defying this unimpeachable logic, RGB Lounge.From a pair of dudes who decided to open their own production facility after growing weary of seeing their artist friends have their profits eaten up by middle men, RGB's a democratic project putting their proprietary printing and design technologies at the fingertips of the public, which could be risky considering that's how viruses are often spread. The space feels like the work of a futuristic street artist, with walls covered in eye-catching art (aggro bears & gorillas, diabolical scientists, etc.) mingled with tech-ier touches like color-changing light bulbs, motion-triggered flatscreens, and a self-engineered interactive "laser graffiti" screen mimicking the experience of spray painting a wall via reconfigured Krylon cans, so now there's another way for 12-year-old hooligans to beat you at laser tagging. Everything from said laser graffiti to previous works from their ever-growing cadre of artists is stored on in-house computers and can be easily reproduced on apparel thanks to their top-secret printing system (literally hidden under lock and key), which consists of a modified Giclee printer that combines the superfine quality of screen printing with digital's high speed, limitless colors, and low cost, the latter two of which are also reasons people get high on speed themselves.Those with greater ambitions can work directly with in-house designers on a custom work, or even handle the designing themselves, useful if your own designs extend beyond just getting in the middle, man.