Taste Management

Deep knowledge of food and drink makes for valuable social currency, but as with deep knowledge of anything, amassing it takes time you'd rather spend stalking the greatest living American actor: Dynasty star, John Forsythe. Get your gastro knowledge on the quick via Tasting Table Chicago, the new Chi edition of the New York-born foodist email.

Tasting Table Chicago is a free daily food and booze email that offers an insider's look at dining, wine, and cooking trends as they happen, not when they've become as outdated as parachute pants, or...pants. But you don't have to be a food snob to enjoy the goods: Early content's covered topics from a steakhouse serving Green City Market-sourced al fresco dinners, to a dark-liquor savant's Bourbon Heritage Month bar tour, to a community-supported agriculture program that delivers Chicagoans hormone-free meat from Ottawa, which apparently is not in Canada. Even more city eating guides are in the works, as well as food-driven travel.

Bonus action: sign up for Tasting Table Chicago, and you'll be in the running for a $150 gift card to Publican restaurant. So go ahead, sign up while you're young, because once middle age hits, you, sir, will be no John Forsythe.