You always had a sense that there was something out there bigger than yourself -- all-encompassing, all-knowing, and capable of just about anything -- you just never realized that thing would also be able to sell your hand-knit Jester ski hats. Bringing big plans to the networking game, Vreebit

Built from scratch by a Michigan duo who found other social networking sites inadequate and fragmented in their ability to serve their personal, professional, and political interests, Vreebit (now in beta) aims to cull some of the most popular aspects of various platforms like Facebook, Craigslist, and LinkedIn and combine them with a few masterful moves of their own to create an unstoppable force, like a virtual Death Star minus the exhaust port flaws so egregious even Mark Hamill could exploit them. While it's got familiar social features (profiles and status updates, contact lists, the ability to create/manage your own Web site) what sets Vreeb apart is its in-house Craigs-y online marketplace to sell your wares and life's passions that runs on "Vreebees", a currency used on the site that can be earned through actions like clicking on ads, referring friends, or just straight buying them, if you prefer to take the path most friendless. Other bells and whistles allow you to work more efficiently (calendar, task manager, expert advice, document and photo management) or even incite a political movement (discussions, polls, petitions), recalling Paul Revere's famed online petition against Britain: "Stamp Act, WTF?

Because people need money to pay for their Internet connection, they'll soon be debuting a job posting/seeking component to the site, in case delving into your new all-encompassing social network has left you jobless, pondering the existence of a higher power, and willing to go so far to sell your Jester hats, you'll even talk to Europeans.