Published On 12/11/2008 Published On 12/11/2008

"Start with what you know" is wise counsel for everything from writing to surgery. Learn the mysteries of the stock market by following that same advice, with

Run out of the 'Cago Board Of Trade and co-founded by an Oprah-sanctioned investment guru, Seed's a fantasy trading site that hopes to stimulate interest in the market by encouraging you to "invest in what you know" -- whether that be as broad as commodities, or as narrow as "balls". Armed with $10k in funny money, you can seek companies that match your interests via 16 categories (including entertainment, military, fashion, food, "green", even gambling and gaming), or go manual with the "Search Passions" tool and type in anything that floats your boat ("balls" actually produces Dick's Sporting Goods, Callaway, etc -- which'd better be what you were looking for). Company profiles come with stupid-simple background blurbs (ConAgra's Chef Boyardee = "the chef of all chefs"), updated stock price, news, financials, and user ratings (both overall, and a fair price rating); users can also leave comments, e.g., "I bought 250 shares of Rick's Cabaret International because I love this company", or "I bought 5000 shares of Electronic Arts Inc because I have a hunch". And presumably an inhaler

For the truly market-unsavvy, Seed's got US Weekly-esque portfolios of 25 celebrities, broken down by endorsements and behavior, i.e., Tina Fey's includes American Express and glasses giant Luxottica, while Super Mario's associated with Spectrum Brands, which owns Remington, a company that "can help him with that 70's p**n moustache". Because if there's one thing you know...



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