Bands are known for doing a lot of things, like trashing hotel rooms, taking down groupies, and doing lines ... of clothing, okay? There's just clothing in here! For gear from a band that actually isn't just covering up drug use, check out Whyszeck. From a group of Swedes whose initial collab as a rock band inevitably transitioned to clothes, Whyszeck's Fall line of shirts and jackets will clad your torso with a certain restrained minimalism indicative of so many things Swedish, just not their puppet chefs. Buttondowns crafted from 100% cotton include the Aster, a simple black and white plaid with an undersized, buttonless collar, the solid black Alison with buttons concealed behind a plain fly front, and the Alger: light gray with a contrasting white placket and collar, and black snaps that may or may not indicate your momma has just been insulted. They've also got pullover action like the gray wool Lot sweater with a crew neck and thatched texture, the similarly patterned Dalton that's all cotton with a pair of smooth contrasting shoulder patches, and the zip-up 80-20 cotton-wool Ion with four front pockets, giving Alanis Morissette options, while she high fives.Because it's getting chilly, they also have some outerwear action like a menacing black trench with hidden buttons and front hip pockets, and adjustable cuffed gray overcoat in a stone-colored -- after such a big line, what other pallor did you expect?