Coffee and DeLoreans in Wicker Park

It was 1985 when Huey Lewis first sang the words "you better promise me I'll be back in time", a promise he now more than ever wishes "you" would fulfill, considering he went from packing stadiums to filling two-episode arcs on One Tree Hill. Undertaking the effort to transport you back to the future: Wormhole Coffee.

Looking like Doc Brown crash landed in somebody's childhood memories, WC's a spanking new cafe whose decor lovingly pays homage to pop culture gone by, with knicknacks like Peanuts thermoses, a Castle Grayskull playset, and a Millennium Falcon strewn about, plus a full-on Mr. Fusion equipped DeLorean parked in the front window w/ the vanity "OUTATIME", something DeLorean himself never thought he'd be. Because of all the coke. House beans are from Chi's own Metropolis Red Line, but the constantly evolving selection of joe's a veritable who's who of microroasters (Northern BC's 49th Parallel, Grand Rapids' Madcap, SF's Ritual...), and anyone who gets it to stay'll be hooked up with a free Nilla Wafer, providing a little sustenance even for those who're short bread. Those not satisfied by lone Nilla's can grab freshness from Fritz Pastry, from assorted macarons and chocolate marble doughnuts to blueberry crumb muffins and egg salad sandwiches, or grab bowls of kid-friendly cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs, which're also served with a shot of espresso dumped in 'em for those hoping to "get cuckoo".

For those looking to dwell a little longer, there's uber-fast free WiFi, and even an old TV hooked up to an Atari 5200 for hours of gaming action that will take you back in time so long as you keep it plugged into the power...of love!