Iron Horse Tap Room

Between the jovial clanking of ice cold brews and the fraternal sharing of tales from the road/girlfriends, pretty much everything about biker bars sounds cool, except of course for the dirty, dirty bikers. Get the beer without the beasts, at the Iron Horse Tap Room.

Just opened in the center of professional-centric Penn Quarter, Iron's a sprawling, bi-level, moto-obsessed brewhouse, with vintage bikes (from a '63 Norton to a '67 Triumph) hanging from the downstairs ceiling and inset into the upstairs wall, biker murals aplenty, and a downstairs laminated bar-top showcasing bike pics & specs -- looks like someone's getting a lot of use out of their Hanuka "Lami-Mate"! To get you motoring, they've got 22 bourbons (including small batches like Basil Hayden and Buffalo Trace) and 20 taps, from standbys (Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA, Sam Adams), to rotating options like Delirium Tremens, Chimay Triple, and Golden Monkey, which, unlike Brass Monkey, is best enjoyed not-funky. Since they're strictly a tavern (i.e., foodless), they'll let you bring in your own eats, or order delivery from neighboring spots Chophouse and Austin Grille; to work off those calories, they've got bar games like skeeball, shuffleboard, and the country's only "Fireball" setup: an old-fashioned looking, air-hockey/foosball hybrid destined to sweep the nation by 1983, when its somewhat frivolous popularity will be undermined by our devastating war with Russia-East Germany.

Soon to open in the downstairs: the "Story Bar", a semi-private nook lined with pics taken from the owners' friend's cross-world biking trip, inspiring you to regale patrons with the story of that time you high-fived an actual Mongol, as he was jovially clanking your girlfriend.