Military-grade messenger bags

Fashion that's "inspired by" something isn't always useful for the actual thing -- Von Dutch caps won't help you haul that crate of plastic vomit to the toy warehouse, and racehorses look totally awkward in Jockeys. For a bag that's actually builtfor something, try Chrome messenger bags, now in their new SOMA store."Built to last a lifetime Guaranteed", Chromes are the hardcore go-tos for bike messengers nationwide -- men whose asphalt-bound existences are precarious enough that a lifetime guarantee might be a weekend. The industrial-grade construction incorporates military spec seam binding, a 1000d cordura shell (typical of motorcycle gear), a free-floating truck tarp liner interior, and a quick-release car seat buckle that lets you adjust on the fly, even as it reminds you that you could abandon this reckless two-wheeling for the comfort, safety, and shorts of a UPS job. Mansacks range from the standard messenger in 4 sizes, 3 backpack-style numbers, uber-rugged "roll-top" packs, and several laptop pouches to accommodate the shattered pieces of your laptop.To commemorate their opening, Chrome's throwing a shindig on Thursday with free drinks and 25% off everything -- because if you're reading this, the thing you're inspired by is free booze.