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Posh Peruvian cocktails in the Mission

Introductions to exotic liquors often involve a friend pulling smuggled absinthe/ouzo/mezcal out of his duffle bag, and you taking the ensuing gag reflex to your grave. For a more pleasant, resplendent booze-troduction, hit Pisco Latin Lounge.From Destino's owner, Pisco's a swank showcase for Peru's national hooch: a 26ft ebonized bar, with a crystalline-chandeliered, leather-benched quadrant at its flank and, in the rear, an illuminated metal pagoda surrounded by a glowing mini-moat for repelling the daintiest of sieges. The 11 specialty Latin cocktails include Pisco action like the Lima'd-up Negroni, the pineapple-kicked "Marichicha", and the white graped/pinot noir floated "Sideways Sour" (sour because it was originally made with f*cking merlot). For ballast, there're Spanish/Peruvian/Argentine-inspired tapas (e.g., sea bass crudo, grilled aged provolone & spanish escalivada), plus heartier grub like slow-braised pork shoulder and Peruvian mini-burgers w/ shoestring yucca -- favorite side-order of Peruvian rap sensation Yuccmouth.Pisco's also pouring 45 Latin wines & 'sco-less cocktails like caipirinhas, mojitos, and the Peruvian olive'd "Dirty Don Martini", bringing in weekly DJs/live acts, and hosting a nightly drink-special "Social Hour" from 5-6:30 -- during which the introduction of you should induce many long-lasting gag reflexes.